Shri Pushti Parivar UK is the UK wing of Shri Pushti Parivar Trust

The founder of PPUK is Vaishnavacharya Goswami Shri Yadhunathji Mahodayshri. (Je Je Shree). Je Je Shree is the 17th descendent of Shri MAHAPRABHUJI who is the founder of “SHUDDHADVAIT PUSHTIBHAKTI MARG” popularly known as “SHRI PUSHTI MARG“.

PPUK is a charitable trust run by a voluntary group headed by Trustees, Bhavnaben Lakhani, Prashantbhai Bhojani, Jigneshbhai Shah, Sunilbhai Lakhani and Darshikaben Patel under the guidelines of Je Je Shree.

PPUK organises various cultural and religious events throughout the year in order to increase the knowledge, understanding of the Pushti Marg. Our regular events are:-

1) Sunday Satsung – All the vaishnavs meet every alternate Sunday of the month. Bhavnaben, under the guidelines of Je Je Shree gives beautiful and easy to understand explanation on Sodash Granths (16 Doctrines about life, how to increase devotion, who to associate with, how to deal with day to day situations etc) written by Shri Vallabhacharyaji Shri Mahaprabhuji. This satsung is attended by vaishnavs of all age groups. Youngsters really enjoy this discourse because they can apply the teachings in their day to day life. 

2) Walk for Cause :- Every year we organise a charity walk and the money raised is donated to the needy. Click Here to learn more about it.

3) Joy of Giving:- We also help the homeless people in London by donating food, clothes, toiletries etc. PPUK Team along with vaishnavs arrange a trip to ‘The City of London’ to give goodybags to the homeless on the streets. Je Je Shree says where you live that part of Earth you must pay your debt to that land by offering seva to the unfortunate and homeless.
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4) Workshop (Shibir) :- Shibirs like Sringar (ornaments) Shibir, Samagri (food recipes) Shibir and knowledge of different clothing (vastra) as well as how to make malaji from fresh flowers is conducted so Vaishnavs can increase their bhaav and learn how to serve their their Thakorji happpily and joyfully.

5) Vaishnav Community Centre (VCC):- It is Je Je Shree’s vision to open a Vaishnav community centre in London. A place for learning, developing and playing sports within the community. It is to be for the benefit of the whole community.


Message from Mrs. Bhavna Lakhani – Chairlady

Pushti Parivar UK is a platform for every Vaishnav to learn and achieve in depth knowledge about Jagadguru  (World preceptor) Shrimad Vallabhacharya Shri Mahaprabhuji’s doctrines with His Holiness Shri Yadunathji Mahodayshree (Je Je Shree’s ) Krupa (grace). I have always been very inquisitive to learn about soul and self-realization which I kept hearing about. I am blessed to get the most profound and innermost spiritual knowledge by Je Je Shri. We decided to promote this to other Vaishnavs and encourage to be engrossed and learn how to offer seva with hands- on workshop producing Shringar (ornaments), Vastra (Apparel), Samagri (Prasada) for Lord Krishna. I am passionate to spread the message of Shri Mahaprabhuji’s teachings and practice with the guidance of Je Je Shree.

We as PPUK are the only Trust who promote through workshops, events and several activities to physically involve Vaishnavs and also we are active throughout the year. Moreover, with Je Je Shree’s blessings, learning to help the local community and engage in charity work helping homeless and special need children.

Our aim is to help Vaishnav build their own Community Hall which they can proudly call as ‘Our Vaishnav Community Centre’. It will be first centre in UK for Vaishnav community to be opened by PPUK. I want Je Je Shree’s dream for this project to come true and it be a very proud moment for all the Vaishnavs. We have a very good support from Vaishnavs throughout the year in all our events by donating generous amount of fund and always offering their time and seva towards PPUK. I have an amazing team to support me towards this wonderful cause. We have a beautiful Family (Parivar) working hand in hand in every event that is organised by PPUK.

Message from Jignesh Shah – Trustee

I share a very special relationship with Je Je Shree as I have grown up in the same town. Its been a wonderful experience to be in his association. Now as a part of PPUK team I share the vision of opening a Community centre for the Vaishnavs. Within the team, I handle the catering department of our religious events. I try to encourage the children to volunteer during the event and offer help to serve the people. It teaches them to be caring and loving individuals. They also take part in performing our cultural dance during these events. They learn a lot during charity events and workshops. My aim to encourage and educate my children and youngsters about our religion and path of PushtiMarg.

Message from Sunil Lakhani – Trustee

I play an integral part of PPUK Team. There is a saying ‘Charity begins at home’, that very well works for me because this is where it all started. Bhavna Lakhani, my wife is very deeply bonded with this Parivar. Due to her initiation and commitment PPUK has achieved so much in such a short span of time. My work is associated with almost all areas of the Trust like stage building for events, handling the event duties, taking care of Front Desk, helping Vaishnavs and at the same time, ensuring I support my team. Most importantly I support my wife and encourage her seva towards PPUK and Je Je Shri.

I share a unique bond with Je Je Shri as he has given our children a huge support towards their development and decisions they made in their life.

Message from Prashant Bhojani – Trustee

It is a great pleasure and fills me with immense gratitude to be part of this Parivar. I have seen it develop into the size and strength it is in these challenging times. The dedication and hard work of all the Trustees, Committee members, volunteers and indeed all the support we get from the general public makes our jobs as Trustees much easier.
Our appetite, as Vaishnavs to develop and pass on the teachings of Shri Mahaprabhuji in Pushti Marg and beyond to the next generation is immense and which we want to continue, with this in mind we have identified a need to provide a place for these activities to continue by getting together, holding Shibirs, Satsangs, and Charitable Activities on a regular basis.
However, we are now embarking on a large project for a Vaishnav Community Centre (VCC) and need your support to achieve this. Please feel free to contact one of the Trustees to see how you can get involved and help us achieve this project.

Good work never wasted, always rewarded by the God. – Bhagavad Gita